The AIO Table

  • Effortless living, ambience and BOOMING sound.

    An immersive and rich bluetooth speaker that delivers true 360° sound for consistent and amazing coverage. With wireless charging and stunning good looks, Articture is committed to never compromising function and style.

    Delivers true 360° sound for consistent and amazing coverage without compromising function and style. The AIO is made to be placed in the centre of any room to amp and resonate music around your space for the best listening experience.

    Featuring a smooth, round, fabric speaker body that allows a high-range bluetooth connection in an eye-catchy and compact height, measuring 25-inches high and 16-inches wide only.

  • -360° Sound
    -Wireless Charging
    -Super Long Standby
    -Aux Connection
    -Bluetooth Connection
    -Built In Battery
    -Easy To Move
    -25-inches high and 16-inches wide